About AMCA
The Alabama Military Collectors Association (AMCA) was incorporated in the City of Huntsville, Alabama on 15 June 2006. AMCA is a non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. Specifically, AMCA is an organization of collectors, historians, and hobbyists engaged in the collection, preservation, study, display for public exhibition, military relics, artifacts and memorabilia, generally defined as militaria, encompassing the period form the U.S. Civil War through the Vietnam conflict, and every country in which the United States Armed Forces was in combat.

AMCA’s Mission

  • To protect the collection of military relics, artifacts and memorabilia to ensure their proper recognition and place in history.
  • To provide a forum which stimulates and promotes the free exchange of knowledge and information among collectors, historians, hobbyists and the public.
  • To conduct exhibitions where AMCA members and the general public may buy, sell and trade military artifacts.
  • To encourage the collecting of militaria and educating the public in its historical significance.